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Aspen and RightStart™ Mathematics Level A Lessons, Installment #3: Teaching Now

As we’ve been going through the RightStart™ Mathematics Level A program, I’m absolutely amazed to see how quickly 5-year-old Aspen is picking it up. She is so excited about math and devours it each time we open up the kit.

Currently the items we’re doing are coinciding well with her kindergarten class. We’ll go through her lessons at home and then a few weeks later, they’ll touch on the same concept and she flies right through it with great success.

Aspen carries around her AL Abacus Junior in her backpack and has been using it in her classroom. She says that the kids in her class love to use it as well! She is also using it in her daycare to “teach” the other kids math. Her daycare provider gets a huge kick out of watching her be the teacher and how excited the other kids are to learn from her.

Aspen’s grasp of math has been such a blessing. Time and time again, I’m wishing I had known about the program when her older brother was going through school….

Trouble with 6 and 9

Jill Velicer’s 5 year old son keeps confusing 6 and 9, so they made some visual art projects for the ‘Yellow is the sun’ rhyme to help him remember.

We think this was a great idea so we thought we would share with all our RightStart™ users.

Thanks Jill!

“It’s spelled wrong, Mama!”

Young Anson, a precocious four years of age, was playing the Zero Game as part of RightStart™ Level A, lesson 16. Numbers from 0 to 10 & tally numbers of the same are on slips of paper, folded, and placed in a bucket.

Part way into the game, Anson picked out a slip, opened it, and stared intently at the paper for a long while. Finally, he said, “Mama, I think this is eight, but it’s SPELLED WRONG!”.

He showed the slip of paper. It showed 3 tally sticks to the left of the group of 5!

Love to Cut and Paste

A Twitter post we want to share!

We love @RightStartMath because we get to cut and glue :)

Thanks for sharing with us @ServingFromHome