Subtraction Bingo cover

Summer Game #6: Subtraction Bingo

This is the sixth game presented for the summer. Before we introduce this week’s game, Subtraction Bingo, game S24 from the Math Card Games book, I’d like to take a few minutes and discuss WHY we play games. You (and the kids) know that games are ... Read More


Summer Game #5: Race to the Amount

How is summer going for everyone? Now that the festivities of the 4th of July are all wrapped up and summer is warming up, we can say summer is officially here. I made a quick trip to see the Grand Canyon for the first time before I attended ... Read More

Fraction War fig 2

Summer Game #4: Fraction War

How was everyone’s 4th of July? Did you enjoy family and friends, festivities and fireworks? I spent time tromping around the wilds of Montana and finished off the weekend with a sunset behind the Crazy Mountains with fireworks nearby. This week ... Read More


Summer Game #3: Double the Product Memory & Bonus: Double Corners™

With the 4th of July almost here, I thought I’d give you double the fun this week! With family gathering around, food on the grill, and fireworks in the night sky, you’ll need double the games! Last week we played Slide-A-Thon to help with the ... Read More


Level E, Lesson 59: Decimals

We ran across something quite interesting today. RightStart Mathematics Level E, Lesson 59 is a Review and Practice. As shown below, the child is asked to write the number "10 thousandths". The answer is 0.010, which can also be written as ... Read More

slide-a-thon fig 3

Summer Game #2: Slide-A-Thon

So how was the Short Chain Solitaire from the first summer game? Did you all have fun? And how is summer progressing for everyone? I hope you enjoyed the summer solstice with good weather and family time. Those of you in some parts of Alaska, Canada, ... Read More