crazy eights cover

Summer Game #10: Crazy Squares

This last week has been crazy. We’ve been working pretty much day and night on the second edition of RightStart™ Mathematics Level D to get it finalized and out the door to you all. Because it’s been so crazy, we’re going to keep the crazy theme ... Read More

Rounding War cover

Summer Game #9: Rounding War

It’s August. Mid-August, if you’re rounding. If you round up, it’s September! It’s the beginning of school!! I know there are few of you starting school already. Some of you are waiting until it’s really September. But no matter how you look at it, ... Read More

long chain solitaire cover 2

Summer Game #8: Long Chain Solitaire

As I was contemplating games for this week, I tossed around a couple ideas. Not able to make up my mind, I asked Dr. Cotter which game was her favorite. Without hesitation, she said, “Long Chain Solitaire”. I told her we’d played Short Chain ... Read More

clocks cover

Summer Game #7: Hour and Minutes Memory & Fifteen Minutes Later

So how’s the summer going for everyone? I can’t believe we’re already looking August right in the eye! And how are the summer games with the family? We hope that everyone is having a blast with the games. Isn’t this just the best way to keep the math ... Read More

Subtraction Bingo cover

Summer Game #6: Subtraction Bingo

This is the sixth game presented for the summer. Before we introduce this week’s game, Subtraction Bingo, game S24 from the Math Card Games book, I’d like to take a few minutes and discuss WHY we play games. You (and the kids) know that games are ... Read More


Summer Game #5: Race to the Amount

How is summer going for everyone? Now that the festivities of the 4th of July are all wrapped up and summer is warming up, we can say summer is officially here. I made a quick trip to see the Grand Canyon for the first time before I attended ... Read More