Various lessons are enhanced with Internet activities. Here are the links for the lessons:

Lesson 93: Paper Pool Game
Lesson 98: Marjorie Rice - Tessellations
Lesson 99: Pentagon Tessellations
Lesson 105: Plaids designs and maker
Lesson 108: Tilings
Lesson 108: Escher
Lesson 109: Mondrian Art - if link is not working search google images for Mondrian Art
Lesson 112: Fractal
Lesson 112: Fractal Types
Lesson 113: Jason Padgett Fractals
Lesson 120: Fibonacci Problems
Lesson 125: Stomachion Puzzles
Lesson 125: Stomachion Designs
Lesson 149: Platonic Solids
Lesson 149: Dodecahedron Calendar - see download below
Lesson 157: Escher Stella Octangula
Lesson 157: Uniform Polyhedra
Lesson 162: Da Vinci's Drawing
Lesson 165: Archimedean Sculptures