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There are two ways to begin with the RightStart™ Mathematics first edition program; either the single-level Starter Kit or the multi-level Complete Kit.

What is a Starter Kit?

Starter Kits include everything needed for one level. Included in the kit is the lesson book, worksheets, AL Abacus, card decks, and other books and manipulatives needed for that level.

If you know what level you need to begin with click below on your starting level.

          RightStart™ Mathematics Level A, first edition

          RightStart™ Mathematics Level B, first edition

          RightStart™ Mathematics Level C, first edition

          RightStart™ Mathematics Level D, first edition

          RightStart™ Mathematics Level E, first edition

          RightStart™ Mathematics Level G

Not certain what level is right for your child? We have a Placement Test to help with the decision making process. You may also call 888-272-3291 and discuss your situation with our friendly and helpful customer service staff. 

What is the Complete Elementary Kit?

This package has everything needed to teach RightStart™ Mathematics Level A through Level E first edition. This is perfect for multiple children going through the program.

The Complete Kit includes five Lesson manuals, Worksheets, Transition Lessons and Worksheets, Math Card Games book, along with all the manipulatives used in these five levels. Level G, RightStart™ Mathematics; A Hands-On Geometric Approach, is not included in this kit.

          RightStart™ Mathematics Complete Elementary Kit

          RightStart™ Mathematics Level G

What about a High School curriculum?

We recommend VideoText Interactive for high school algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and pre-calculus. This program uses the same philosophy as RightStart™ Mathematics; students are taught to think mathematically and, consequently, develop an excellent understanding of the material.

VideoText comes in twelve modules, six in Algebra (includes pre-algebra, algebra I, algebra II) and six in Geometry (includes formal geometry, trigonemtry, and pre-calculus). All modules are available via DVD or online.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. By the way, we’ve used RightStart right from the start. We have also recommended it to several new homeschooling families. …
– Jacquelyn Phillips

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