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This research based math program is developed by Dr. Joan A. Cotter, electrical engineer, certified Montessori teacher, middle-school math teacher, and mathematics education doctorate. The basic premise underlying the RightStart™ curriculum is outlined in What Makes RightStart™ Different.

Math and the Young Child outlines how you can teach children, at a young age, so they will have a life long love of math. It also explains that visualization is key to helping children understand mathematics.

AL Abacus Basics explains how the AL Abacus is a hands-on learning tool and also how to teach children how to use it correctly.

What is RightStart™ Mathematics: A Hands-On Geometric Approach discusses the innovative approach for teaching middle school mathematics. Since the vast majority of middle school students are visual learners, approaching mathematics through geometry gives the student an excellent way to understand, remember concepts, and create deeper learning.

The Research Summary outlines Dr. Cotter's doctoral research and is available for review. Presentations and handouts from recent conference speaking engagements are also available.


RightStart™ Mathematics for Home Educators is structured with levels, rather than grades. To determine where to start your child in the program, go through the Placement Test

We know that each child is individual and unique. If you would like to review your child's placement recommendation with our friendly and helpful RightStart™ customer service staff, a phone number will be provided at the end of the questionnaire.

We have an interactive AL Abacus for you to explore. You can work with addition and multiplication using trading and quantity recognition. Place value cards and the math way of counting are also shown. NCTM, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, also has an electronic version of the AL Abacus for you to explore.

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We have used RS Math for years now and LOVE it! I have told many other families about it. It has not only laid an amazing foundation for my kids, but it has helped me relearn math in such a way that it helps me…
– Elise

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