RightStart™ Mathematics A to B Add-On Kit


Finished with RightStart™ Mathematics Level A and ready to move on to Level B? Have you heard about the Second Edition? This is the perfect time to switch from the first edition to the second edition.

If you prefer to stay on the first edition track, the Add-On Kits will ensure you have all the books and manipulatives needed to continue in the program successfully.

Staying with the first edition; you have a quick decision to make and two questions to answer before you place your order. 

First, which type of worksheet do you prefer: coil bound worksheets or e-workbook.  The coil-bound worksheets are copy written for a single child's use. The electronic workbook is copy written for a single family's use and will be delivered as a pdf through your email. 

Then, did you purchase the Level A Basic Starter Kit or the Level A Deluxe Starter Kit? If you have the Basic Level A Starter Kit, you will need the Basic A to B Add-On Kit. If you have the Deluxe Level A Starter Kit, then you need the Deluxe A to B Add-On Kit.

And finally, US or Canadian version. The child's worksheets will depict the correct US or Canadian coins and the Deluxe kit's plastic coins will be the ones from your country. The teacher's manual will not vary with the versions.

A to B Add-On Kit not what you need? Return to the current user page.

I met Joan at the Catholic Homeschooling Convention in St. Paul and mentioned how much we enjoyed using her curriculum. I said that I would send some pictures of my son doing assignments, and here they are My …
– Brian

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