RightStart™ Mathematics Level E Starter Kit


The child works with percents and decimals as well as fractions in Level E. She learns short division for dividing by single digits, followed by long division. Some algebraic concepts are introduced, including coordinate systems. In geometry, she studies classification of triangles and polygons, rotational symmetry, angle measurement, and 3-dimensional figures.

Ready to start with RightStart™ Mathematics Level E? We have just the Starter Kit for you!

You have two decisions to make which will determine which Starter Kit is the right one for you. Your first decision is choosing which type of worksheet: coil bound worksheets or e-workbook. You'll then choose US or Canadian version.

1. Coil-bound worksheets or e-workbook?

The coil-bound worksheets are copy written for a single child's use. The electronic workbook is copy written for a single family's use and will be delivered as a pdf through your email. 

2. US or Canadian version?

The child's worksheets will depict the correct US or Canadian coins, the money card decks will display either US or Canadian images. The teacher's manual will not vary with the versions. 

RightStart™ Mathematics Level E not what you need? Return to the shop online starting point. Remember the Placement Test is available to help you place your child in the program at the correct level.

I've used Right Start Levels B through E for three kids, with my oldest graduating to G this year. My kids consistently test a year ahead of the Right Start grade level. I tried another very popular DVD math …
– Tracy

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