RightStart™ Mathematics Level G Starter Kit

Learn intermediate mathematics hands-on and visually through geometry. With a tool set consisting of a drawing board, T-square, triangles, compass, and goniometer, the child explores triangles, area, volume, ratios, Pythagorean theorem, tiling, and other geometry concepts. New concepts are taught while practicing arithmetic, fractions, and decimals. Student works independently.

Ready to start with RightStart™ Mathematics Level G? This innovative approach for teaching middle school mathematics can be done without any prior experience with RightStart™ Mathematics or knowledge of the AL Abacus.

Since the vast majority of middle school students are visual learners, approaching mathematics through geometry gives the student an excellent way to understand, remember concepts, and create deeper learning. Support is provided. Students are encouraged to contact Dr. Cotter directly with questions. Read more about this curriculum. 


You have three quick decisions to make which will determine which Starter Kit is the right one for you. Your first decision is choosing the type of worksheet: coil bound worksheets or e-workbook. Second is which type of Kit; Basic or Deluxe. And third we recommend adding VideoText Interactive's Module A (pre-algebra).

1. Coil-bound worksheets or e-workbook?

The coil-bound worksheets are copy written for a single child's use. The electronic workbook is copy written for a single family's use and will be delivered as a pdf through your email. 

2. Basic Starter Kit or the Deluxe Starter Kit?

The Basic Starter Kit includes all the required books and manipulatives needed to complete this level. The Deluxe Starter Kit has the same required books and manipulatives, however, this kit adds the Deluxe Drawing Board.

3. VideoText Interactive; Online or DVD Kit?

VideoText Interactive Algebra, the high school program recommended by RightStart™ Mathematics, offers the course either online or on DVD. The programs are identical, however the method of delivery and cost differ. VideoText Interactive's pre-algebra program, Module A, is recommended to begin about half way through the Level G curriculum.

Tom Clark; creator of VideoText Interactive, says: "When a RightStart™ Level G student wants to begin Module A, we suggest a 1-lesson-per-week approach.  Monday - View the lesson and do the odd problems.  Tuesday - Take Form A of the quiz (if there is one).  Wednesday - "You know how it is when you watch a movie the second time........" View the lesson again, and do the even problems.  Thursday - Take form B of the quiz (if there is one).  Friday - Relax! Play some Math games!"

Some students prefer to do the VideoText program as outlined above, keeping the Geometric Approach going at the same time. Some prefer to do it two days in a row and the Geometric Approach the other three. Some like to go week by week. Each student will find their preferred method.

When the VideoText Interactive Pre-Algebra (Module A) program is done with the RightStart™ Mathematics; A Hands-On Geometric Approach program, as Dr. Cotter recommends, this will take almost two years to complete.

RightStart™ Mathematics Level G not what you need? Return to the shop online starting point. Remember the Placement Test is available to help you place your child in the program at the correct level.


I can't even begin to tell you how much I love your program. My daughter did not do Level A but has completed Level B and almost all of Level C. We absolutely love this curriculum. Her addition and …
– Daneale Williams, OH

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