RightStart™ Mathematics is a Montessori-influenced math curriculum. Dr. Joan A. Cotter, curriculum developer for RightStart™ Mathematics, is a certified Montessori teacher. The RightStart™ Mathematics program was the outgrowth of Dr. Joan A. Cotter's doctoral dissertation. The curriculum uses the Common Core State Standards as a basic minimum. Topics within a grade level are always taught with the most appropriate method using the best approach with the child and teacher in mind.

This unique hands-on program de-emphasizes counting, uses visualization of quantities, and provides strategies (visual pictures) for learning the facts. Understanding and problem solving are emphasized throughout the curriculum.

The primary learning tool is the AL Abacus, a specially designed two-sided abacus that is both kinesthetic and visual. The AL Abacus is grouped in fives and tens for quick recognition of quantities. Children develop visual strategies as they use this manipulative. The back side of the AL Abacus teaches place value to the thousands.

Practice is provided with math card games, minimizing review worksheets and eliminating stressful flash cards. These games provide interesting and varied repetition that is needed for memorizing the facts. Children enjoy working with others in a social setting.

The evolution of the RightStart™ Mathematics curriculum based on Maria Montessori's philosophy and methodology can be reviewed. Click on the link below.

Each school and each classroom is unique. Because of the many variables that may be present, it is best if we discuss your situation one on one. This will allow us to address your specific needs and make sure we have the best possible implementation process for RightStart™ Mathematics in your school.

We also provide professional development for your teachers and meetings for your parents.


We are very happy in our renewed enthusiasm for math - your program is so thorough and varied, with few distracting pictures. We are very happy about the quality of Right Start Math, both in content and quality…
– Rosalind Cook

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