The AL Abacus and math card games are an excellent supplement for students having difficulties with place value, learning facts, or other basic concepts.

Need tutoring materials? Want to get a taste of the RightStart™ Mathematics program? Looking for a new approach? We have manipulatives, games, and activities that will fit your needs.

Are you a parent looking to supplement your child's current math program? Consider the Math Card Games Kit, AL Abacus Packet, or Fraction Kit?

Are you a teacher hoping to enhance your curriculum? The AL Abacus and Activities for the AL Abacus will supplement beautifully with any curriculum. The games are also a fun activity to enhance learning.

Are you a tutor looking for a program or additional supplies? For a one-on-one situation or small group, we suggest you look at the RightStart™ Mathematics program. The Math Card Games Kit addresses all the math facts in a fun non-stressful setting.

Thank you for your RightStart Mathematics program. My son, Justin, is eight-years-old and over the past 2 years has completed books Transition Lessons, Book C and half of book D. He took his annual placement…
– Barbara Phelps, Plant City, FL

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