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This is a solid curriculum that has helped close the gaps that my son has in the foundations of Math. This is well suited for children like our son who respond well to multi-sensory types of learning. While there are families who may feel that the curriculum does not do enough “Drill” type of exercises, the choice is their own to supplement that type of reinforcement with RightStart Math. I did not realize how well the right type of game could reinforce number sense and math facts. This curriculum is worth every penny and there is no turning back for us!

Lani Perry, Co-op Member

We have now been using RightStart Mathematics for over 1 month and we absolutely love it. I have two boys age 6 and 9. We purchased Level C since my 9 year old needed a stronger foundation and my 6 year old needed to be challenged. This program is soooo hands on and visual and since both boys are kinetic/visual learners it has been a joy to work with every day. The boys can’t wait to use the balance bar, abacus or play card games; no more forcing anyone to do math. It is an excellent program, and for boys not so many worksheets. Reinforcement is in the games. There is a bit of prep for Mom, but worth it, since it’s fun to do math again. Thank you RightStart Math.

Patricia from Niagara Falls Ontario, Co-op Member

This program is awesome – the lessons are HANDS ON, SHORT, AND LAID OUT COMPLETELY. No more fighting, no more struggling with falling asleep and losing attention, no more late nights trying to develop hands on supplements for books/computers. It has been an answer to a prayer. My sons were adopted from Kazakhstan at age three from an orphanage. What little experience they had with numbers was in Russian. Combined with ADHD, the struggle with mathematics has sent us from school to school, tutor to tutor, to home school with program to program. We have had to start from the beginning, despite their age, and I am FINALLY seeing progress in understanding basic concepts. I cannot recommend it more strongly. Wish we had gotten this when we first got the boys.

M. Labedis, Co-op Member, Maple Ridge Vocational Academy

This is the first formal math curriculum we have tried and my daughter is enjoying it.

Laura J., Co-op Member

So far, my child and I really like it! We love all the games and hands on learning. Two thumbs up!

M, Co-op Member

My oldest son has struggled with and hated Math for years. At school it was hard, and afterwards, homeschooling was hard. Tried different approaches…nothing “clicked”. I knew his brain was geared to learn differently from the traditional way. He was behind at least 3 years in Math. He didn’t struggle with any of the other subjects like that. This year, for 6th grade, we made the switch to Rightstart. He and my other son had gotten to “play” with some of the manipulatives Rightstart displayed at their table at a homeschool convention, and they were actually EXCITED to try it and ASKED ME if we could switch to that curriculum. We are 7 weeks into it and both boys LOVE it so far. It’s so hands-on and challenges kids to really think for themselves. Learning through games is especially good for active boys! And they are actually learning while they play! But my melting moment was yesterday, when my 6th grader, for the first time ever said this during our lesson: “I love this!! I could do this forever!!” *tears* I could not believe I was hearing him say that. That’s a miracle. Thank you so much for providing the ONLY fun alternative out there!!! I can also tell that the people who put your program together actually enjoy Math themselves and just know how to communicate that passion.


We love Right Start Math, great hands on learning that really works for my slow learner and my advanced learner. They love the games and are learning without realizing it. The teacher manual explains everything perfectly! All the manipulatives are wonderful and truly helpful!

April C., Co-op Member

Ben is having such bittersweet feelings about finishing this class. He’s been doing RightStart since he was in first grade, back in 2010 when we started homeschooling, so this really marks the end of an era for him (and for me, too!) This class has been such a wonderful experience for him. He has grown so much in terms of both his mathematical reasoning and his independence as a student. Holding himself accountable to his teachers has been very powerful, and he’s really finding and appreciating the joy in learning Math. So thank you, thank you, thank you for putting together the online class and for allowing Ben to be a part of the pilot program. We look forward to his sister starting the class in a couple of years!

In gratitude, Sharon

My son had been in the habit of refusing to do anything that even remotely resembled math. I spent a very long time searching for the right program to peak his interest. Right Start Math has been the key that opened the math door for him. He went from running from math to asking to do math a couple times a day! Both my children love it. They both enjoy playing the math games and will ask to play them over and over. We curl up together and go through the lessons and play the game. I love seeing them easily learn the math facts that often had been a struggle in the past. No more flash cards needed! No effort to try to memorize. They simply play games in the lesson and the math facts just sort of “click”. That made my son so happy. He now feels like he has a chance at being successful in math. It was worth every penny we invested in the program! I plan to continue using it for as long as we can. I’m so glad to have found a program that is in line with our philosophy that learning should be fun.

Kim L., Co-op Member

I am so glad my friend recommended this program to me. We’ve been homeschooling for five years now and although math hasn’t necessarily been a difficulty for my children it was never enjoyable. One of my goals in home educating is to instill a love for learning in my children and RightStart has done just that. Math is now one of the favourite subjects in our home. The games are a game changer; no pun intended. They really take the concepts learned and apply them in a concrete, enjoyable way that sticks! RightStart is a great mix promoting both Charlotte Mason’s thoughts alongside memorization for Classical learning.
Is there a big commitment involved: absolutely, but it is so worth seeing math turn from a bore to a delight.

Meagan Vandermaarel, Canada

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Thank you so much for your RightStart Math Curriculum. I have been using it for 3 years with my son and my daughter is beginning her second year. I love the strategies you use for teaching math and the lessons are fun to teach.
Jennifer Traugott