Cotter Fractal Tree

Want to see something amazing? Check out Marshall and Karen’s fractal. Since it was the Christmas season, they decided to make it a Cotter Fractal Tree!! ... Read More

Carson Jody’s Birthdate

This post is a personal post with a delightful math twist. I am Kathleen Cotter Lawler, Joan Cotter’s daughter. Today, December 1, 2011, my daughter Megan gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy. Carson Jody was born at 12:44 this afternoon. ... Read More

A Family’s Exploration of RightStart™ Mathematics Level E and Level G

Note: This post was written in 2011, before RightStart Math's second edition curricula was available. Although this is pertinent information, it does refer to the first edition, RS1, of Levels E and G and makes no mention of RS2 Level ... Read More

Addition Games

Old Main Game (#A4) This game is spin off of the popular child’s game Old Maid. Rather than pairs being matching cards, pairs are two cards that add up to ten. This helps the children learn and practice their math facts. More importantly, this ... Read More

DVD Available for RightStart™?

  DVD to Teach Lessons We have been asked numerous times over the years about a DVD to help teach the RightStart™ Mathematics curriculum. Our world has become very visual, so this is a logical request. Sometimes the potential audience is ... Read More

Spiral or Mastery?

Is RightStart™ Mathematics Spiral or Mastery Approach? RightStart™ Mathematics is a unique program that has aspects of both spiral and mastery approach. Both approaches have some validity as well as some drawbacks. First we need to define our ... Read More