RS1 Level G, Lesson 121

We’ve had a few calls about Lesson 121, Fibonacci Numbers and Phi, from Level G. This is a hard one, but, oh, what fun when you get it!

So, rather than type a long winded explanation and have you read it, I decided to make a video for you. With graphics! It’s about a half hour long, but I think you’ll find it worth the time.


Oh, by the way, there’s a correction to this page that we just posted. Here it is for you:

Under Problem 2, the second and third paragraphs should read as follows:

In the third column, you are comparing how much the ratios differ from the golden ratio. A quick way to find these differences is to use memory on your calculator. First put 1.61803 into memory using the M+ key. Then to subtract 1 from 1.61803, do the following:

Press 1 then  —  MR  =  . The answer –0.61803 appears. (Ignore the negative sign when recording the answer.)

For the next answer,

Press 2 then  —  MR  =  . The answer 0.38197 appears.

Note that some of the newer calculators have replaced the MR button with the MRC button. It will still work the same.

Finally, remember to call us at 888.272.3291 if you have additional questions on this lesson or with other lessons. We’re here to help you!



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