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Dr. Joan A. Cotter began her work in the late 1970s when her son needed help with his math facts. The first book she wrote was Math Card Games, published in 1980. This book is now in its fifth edition and has sold over 30,000 copies worldwide!

When she was tutoring children with learning challenges, she designed the AL Abacus and wrote the Activities for the AL Abacus in 1982. This manual is now on its second edition and still available.

When Dr. Cotter earned her Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from University of Minnesota in 1996, her doctoral dissertation became RightStart™ Mathematics Grade 1. The program was expanded to encompass Kindergarten to Grade 4, then made available to homeschoolers in 2001.

With Dr. Cotter’s continuing work, feedback from program users, and new research on brain development, she began to prepare for a second edition of RightStart™ Mathematics. In the last ten years, she began to compile material for the second edition. In early 2013, RightStart™ Mathematics Level A Second Edition was available. In late 2013, Level B Second Edition was published. Level C Second Edition followed in 2014, Level D Second Edition in 2015, and Level E Second Edition in 2016. Level F Second Edition was released in 2017. From here you’ll move directly into RS2 Levels G and H.

For those of you utilizing the First Edition, you’ll migrate from Level E into Level F Second Edition, and then will move directly into RS2 Levels G and H.

Curious to know the differences between the two editions? Or want more information on the Second Edition? Perhaps you like the RightStart™ approach, but don’t need a full curriculum. We have tutoring materials and games just for you!

For those of you looking for a middle school math curriculum, we have that for you too. The RS2 Level G and Level H will cover your middle school math needs utilizing the application of math principles. The children will have fun exploring math by using drawing tools and seeing how math is applied in creative ways.



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Thank you so much for your RightStart Math Curriculum. I have been using it for 3 years with my son and my daughter is beginning her second year. I love the strategies you use for teaching math and the lessons are fun to teach.
Jennifer Traugott