2017 Summer Game #7: Multiples Memory

When we are in a dine-in restaurant, my children tend to get a little antsy waiting for their food. I try to come up with activities they can do (other than playing on their electronic devices) during the wait. This week, I had them play a card game! Why not? Not only did it keep my kids entertained while waiting for the food – but they also enjoyed themselves and even learned a few things!

For today’s Summer Game, I will be explaining how to play Multiples Memory, game P2 in the Math Card Games book. As we discovered, this is a perfect game for your pre-dinnertime wait.

This game is designed to help the children learn their multiples patterns. It is to be played with two players, each player working a different multiple. That being said, we have added extra players by adding extra multiples to the game. It takes a little longer to play, but it is just as fun.

You will need a set of multiplication cards and the corresponding envelope for each player. When playing with two players, you will need a total of 20 multiplication cards and two envelopes.

Shuffle the two sets of multiple cards together and lay them out four rows of five cards.

Each player needs to find their set of multiples in order. In this example, one player looks for the multiples of four and the other player looks for the multiples of seven. Remember, the players need to pick up their cards in order!

The first player will turn over a card. If it is the card she is looking for (in our example, the 4), then she takes the 4 card and gets another turn. If it is not the card she needs, then she turns it back over face down and it becomes the second player’s turn.

The second player will turn a card over looking for their card (in our example, the 7). If he finds the 7 card, he collects it and gets another turn. If not, he turns the card face down in the same location he found it and the first player has their turn.

Have the players lay their cards down the pattern on the envelope. This will reinforce the patterns in the multiples!

The players continue through the game until one of the players has picked up all their cards.

When the game is over, be sure to return all the multiple cards back into the envelopes so as to not lose any cards!

This is a great game for your children to get more familiar with their multiples! As their knowledge of the multiples progress, they can make this game more challenging by collecting the cards in reverse order.

I hope you and your children enjoy playing this card game! If you have enjoyed learning about this game, you may be interested in checking out the other math card games shared on our blog page. If you have a favorite game that you enjoy playing or if you would like to request a specific game to be included in this blog series, please comment below. We would love to hear from you!


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