2017 Summer Games #5: Corners™ Variations

So did you get a good game of Corners™ going from last week? If you’re ready for variations of this fantastic game, it’s your lucky day!

Corners™ Solitaire with Stacks, Game A11

Like I already said, this game is a variation of the Corners™ game, found in the Math Card Games book, game A11. It uses the same Corners™ cards.

First, deal all the cards into five equal stacks, then turn the stacks face up.

Play the basic game of Corners™, using the same rules. But now, only the top card on any of the five stack may be played. NO peeking below the top card!

You can keep score or not keep score. Whatever works for you. I actually like to play this game when I am working at a homeschool convention and I have a few minutes. I also like to keep score on Side Two of the AL Abacus. I write down my final score, then try to beat that total the next time!

Corners™ Puzzles, Game A42

Because it’s summer and I love puzzles (see my confession here) let’s me show you these three puzzles. Here’s the outline.

  • You can play this with others or by yourself.
  • Lay ALL cards face up on the table.

  • Join the cards using the multiples of five. Use scoreless matching if needed.

Puzzle 1

Make a line as long as possible, either horizontal for vertical. This is pretty simple. But it’s fun to see how long of a line you can make. You are allowed to replace cards in the line if needed.

Puzzle 2

Make “steps” by going over, then up, over and up and so on….

Puzzle 3

Using the same Corners™ rules, try to make a solid rectangle. It is possible to do a 6 × 6. I’ll let you know right off, this one is challenging! You may start off with some cards in place, but then need to switch them out if they don’t work with the next row.

I started off with a row of six and ended up going with a row of four because I couldn’t find cards to complete the rectangle.

This is challenging because you won’t know if a card doesn’t work until you get to it. And then if you need to change one card, you may need to change out additional cards.

I liked this puzzle the best of the three.

No matter which variation of Corners™ you play just remember to keep it fun! It’s summer!!


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