Both my son and I love RightStart Math!!!

Both my son and I love RightStart Math!!! He is learning math differently than I did, but he knows how to do mental math better than I ever did and has an understanding of what is actually going on conceptually, before he learns the terms and “facts” like I did when I was in public school. I don’t feel like my words are putting to justice the experience we’re having with RightStart, but it is such a great program and has been working so well for both of us (and that’s important!). Even though this is a different way than I learned math in public school many years ago, I entrust myself fully to those who God enabled to create the curriculum, and it is so easy for me, as his teacher, to follow. Everything is laid out right there for me on the 2-page spread for each day/lesson. It has been and continues to be such a blessing, and I thank God for RightStart Math! I know our son is getting an excellent math education!

Katrina R.