Candace Webb

I love this program! This is THE BEST math program available. I have looked at many other programs and even used one before I learned of RightStart.

I have a BSEE and an MBA and my husband has a BSEE. My 7yo daughter was saying, “I hate math,” and crying every day with another program. It broke my heart. I come in contact with adults all the time that say they aren’t good at math and didn’t do well in math in school. I could not let this happen to my daughter with two engineers for parents.

A friend in another state introduced me to RightStart the second month of my daughter’s 2nd grade year. I searched the web about it and bought it the same day I learned about it. Over night my daughter went from, “I hate math,” to “I love math.” She still says that as a 5th grader in level E. In fact, I was searching out what we do next and she said, “I love RightStart, don’t take away my RightStart.” I had to explain to her that after the Geometric Approach [ RS2 Level G and RS2 Level H] there is no RightStart, but we will certainly be moving to VideoText.

Her 6yo brother loves RightStart too. He started in Level A, where she started in Level B. I am so glad I got to start him in A, as it was so much fun for him at 4 and 5 years of age. I love the fact that math is fun to my kids. It is the one subject that builds on itself year after year and it’s just another language, the language of numbers. My kids don’t see numbers as scary at all and they enjoy every piece of every lesson.

I always loved math, but I would have loved it even more had it been presented this way. I wish I could teach every adult I come across this method so they would all know that they too can do math and understand it, but the way they were taught was just not the best method. Hands down, this is the best method. I can’t imagine using anything else!

Candace Webb