Great Experience with RightStart Math

“Just wanted to share our great experience with Right Start Mathematics. I was first introduced to this program through a good friend and homeschooling mentor. I had already researched into other math programs like Saxxon Math and Math-U-See. I was drawn to the math manipulatives available in Right Start Mathematics.

You know a program is good when your children ask you to sit and learn that subject! My son, age 5, and daughter, age 3 happily sit for the brief 10 min lesson in math using the Level A program. My son has maintained more interest and is comfortable adding and subtracting numbers from 0-15 within only 5 lessons! The three year old seems to be enjoying the hands on lessons and finally got through the learning phase of rote counting to accurately counting objects (under 10).

We’ve been very satisfied with our first purchase with the co-op and have since then made a purchase in science and language arts. Thank you for your great services!”