I cannot say enough good things about RightStart Mathematics

I cannot say enough good things about RightStart Mathematics. I began RightStart for both of my children in 1st grade after taking one year to ponder RightStart or other math curriculum options. I have NEVER once regretted my decision. Though my children are 3 years apart in age they are only 2 years apart in their math curriculum. My son is doing the Level E lessons and he loves the math puzzles we begin each lesson with…and my daughter, who is doing Level C lessons, just HAS TO TRY the math puzzle! I am thrilled that Right Start has made fractions AND percentages such an easy concept to learn (I played percentages memory today with my son and am SO delighted that he does not “hate” math). As a home school parent who is strong in math I have LOVED that RightStart has helped me to to better grasp the concepts I taught myself (complete the “10” when adding). Just maybe I will have the honor to meet Dr. Joan Cotter AND play a game of corners with her!!!

Happy Home Schooling Mom in Lakeland, FL