Understanding Math

I did not like math when I was going through school and college. The thought of teaching it to our son to where he would understand it was a whole other world. I found RightStart Math through my research. I like the approach of understanding math as a whole and the break down for each technique leading up to the equations that need to be solved.
I think it is important to really understand where your child is at in understanding math,not just the rote memorization, because of the limited space we have in our brains. It’s the quality not the quantity. I think it goes a long way with learning anything is to understand what you are learning.
It has been fun to watch Joey figuring out each step and the ahha moments. I’m actually learning to love math because of the RighStart approach. Joey’s favorite game is go to the dump ,it gets him to play and learn at the same time. We look forward to starting Level G.
Thank you RightStart Math for the right start math.


Michele M