Card Games Videos

When a child learns to read, she can practice those skills by reading for pleasure. In the same way, these card games combine practice with pleasure. Although learning math requires hard work, it need not be unpleasant. When a person is interested in and loves his work, he can more easily tackle the distasteful segments found in any activity. 

All the games shown below along with many others can be found in our Math Card Games book. You can also purchase the cards and book together in our Math Card Games Kit.

Go to the Dump
Go to the Dump is one of our most popular game. It is played like the old favorite Go Fish except with Go to the Dump students learn math facts while playing.

Corners™ is a favorite game of many! Corners™ game helps teach students to add 5, 10, 15 and 20. Corners™ can be played in a variety of ways and this video shows the most common way to play.

Top and Bottom Corners™
Top and Bottom Corners™ is another Corners™ game that is a favorite of many students. This game help teach math facts as well as using strategy.

Multiplication Memory
This movie demonstrates how to play Multiplication Memory which can be found in the Math Card Games book from Game will help students who struggle with multiplication facts.

Fifteen Minutes Later
This card game, Fifteen Minutes Later, helps students to tell time in fifteen minutes intervals.

Fraction War
Fraction War is played like other war games except that players are learning their fractions while having fun. There are some variations on the game but this video shows the most common way to play

Make 16 Cents
Make 16 Cents is a great way to teach students how to make change. In this age of electronics making change is not always taught, this game is a great way to learn while playing. We also have a Euro version of this game.

One is a great game for teaching students how to add fractions to total one. People of all ages struggle with adding fractions and this is a great way for the whole family to learn while playing

Short Chain Solitaire
Short Chain Solitaire is a game of strategy as well as addition. Students can play alone while learning math facts

Skip Counting Memory
Skip County Memory is a game designed to help students with their multiplication math facts.

Who's On Top
Who's On Top is a multiplication card game to help students learn their multiplication facts