AL Abacus Apps

Want to take the AL Abacus with you? We have an app for that.

Check out the AL Abacus iPhone and iPad app in iTunes. Also available for Android devices!

Want sample lessons to go with your iPhone or iPad app? We have that too!

Note: There are some updates being made to the Apple AL Abacus app. You may download it now. When you open the app, it will tell you that it may slow down your device. We are in the process of updating it to improve its compatibility with the new OS. Watch for updates as they become available.

Want to work on an interactive AL Abacus right now? We have one for you to explore!

Using the interactive abacus, you can work with addition and multiplication using trading and quantity recognition. Place value cards and the math way of counting are also shown.

*Requires Flash


What our Customers Are Saying

Thank you so much for your RightStart Math Curriculum. I have been using it for 3 years with my son and my daughter is beginning her second year. I love the strategies you use for teaching math and the lessons are fun to teach.
Jennifer Traugott