RS2 Level G, Lesson 119

We just had a student email us with questions about RS2 Level G, Lesson 119. Well, actually, it was Worksheet 119-2, problem 4. Obviously, we need to see what the problems looks like. Here is the first problem. We are given an object and ... Read More

RS2 Level H, Lesson 32

Luke gave me call for help with RightStart Mathematics Level H. He was on Lesson 32 and confused on the formula for finding the perimeter of iterations of a fractal. Huh, you say? Well, Lesson 32 discusses Koch Snowflake, a very famous fractal. ... Read More

RS2 Level H, Lesson 30 and Lesson 31

Nicea called me for help with RightStart Mathematics Level H. She is homeschooled and is working through the program with some assistance from her mom, Julia, and a little assistance from me. Today’s question was Lesson 30, Box Fractal, and Lesson ... Read More

Struggling Learner: Counting Challenges

We’ve had some conversations lately with parents of children who are struggling with counting. Sharon writes: “Any tips for children with dyscalculia? My daughter has had a horrible time learning to count. She is now 7 and still has a very hard time ... Read More

2020 Summer Game #17: Concentrating on One

Well! We had a super windy week up here in North Dakota. I picked up tree branches, twigs, and leaves from my lawn every day. I’d have it all cleaned up, then I’d look out the window again and it looked just as bad. Some friends took their camper 45 ... Read More

2020 Summer Game #16: What’s on Top

Did you enjoy last week's game, Piggyback Race? Although it wasn't a super complicated game, we sure thought it was fun. More importantly, the kids were practicing their multiplication facts! If you’re wanting to ramp up the multiplication fact ... Read More