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I really have seen a big difference with my son, in comparison with his classmates. Within the first week, of using RightStart, he was PLAYING with numbers, saying things like, hey mom, did you know there are four 25s in 100. Thinking of the patterns of the abacus. Yay!

His [school] teacher asks an addition or subtraction question online, and he solves the questions so much faster than the other kids…because he has had the opportunity to have the information presented to him in a way that he plays with it. Yay for RightStart! I just wish more kids had the opportunity to approach math this way. I’m glad my son is doing great, but I feel bad now for the other kids in his class.

Thanks once again for a great, wonderful product.

Chaeli, mom of a Kindergartener, Santa Fe, Panama

We love doing math with RightStart!

April, Co-op Member

“My nine-year-old is finally grasping some of the basic math concepts that the public school failed her on over the past four years. She loves playing the RightStart games and now actually ENJOYS doing math… after years of tears and frustration, I never thought I’d see that happen. Her confidence in math has grown exponentially. It was a tough transition since she was used to assuming she couldn’t do math and giving up, but once she realized she could do the work and learned some helpful tricks, her math anxiety has all but disappeared. We started her at the level they recommended based on her skill set and even though it’s lower than her grade level it has been extremely helpful. We’re averaging two lessons per day–I expect this will slow as concepts become more difficult–and believe she’ll be in the next book level by the new year, only with a much stronger base to continue moving forward with. RightStart has been a huge game-changer for us.

Stephanie G., Co-op Member

“I have been using the program for years and I am on my 4th child learning math using RightStart. It’s an excellent program that has given my 2 older kids a great foundation to be very successful in math. They are now in junior high at a private school and are at the top of their class in math. The foundations they received from RightStart have been great!”

Jaclyn from CA

My son is almost 5 and was asking to start school. I pulled out some of my daughter’s old kindergarten material (she’s in 6th grade now and still enjoying RS) and he and I started very slowly working through RightStart. He loved it from the beginning. I am so surprised and pleased at what he is learning so quickly! The way the concepts are laid out really resonates with him. He figured out counting by “2’s” by himself! He loves the songs and especially the games. Thank you so much for this curriculum. It really does set kids up with a “RightStart” in math.

It really does set kids up with a "RightStart" in math!

We do love your curriculum and have used it for 5 years with both of my children. Both with very different views on math. For one math comes easy and for the other math is a struggle. They both love math because of the RightStart curriculum.
But this testimony is actually for one of your employees. Rachel has been in contact with me about a frustrating situation, nothing directly related to the curriculum but more with difficulties that have come along with COVID-19. Long story that isn’t really important for this testimony. I don’t know if she will be able to resolve my issue but Rachel has just been a pleasure to deal with. I already love the curriculum but I love the company more because of her doing her job well.

K. L. Williams

When my daughter wasn’t getting the “carry the 1” concept I sought out another curriculum. RightStart Mathematics was perfect because it uses several physical elements within their program that help explain the various teachings and help the students in their computations. They include things like an abacus, a scale, 3D shapes, tangrams, cards to help with addition, multiplication, a clock for telling time, etc.

Shelli Wheeler, Co-op Member

I’ve just realized as well that this course will be the end of our journey with Right Start. We picked it up over a decade ago with my son, who had finished “grade 6” math with other courses but retained next to nothing so we started from scratch with RS. He graduated from university last month. And then we used RS methodologies with my daughter from the time she started to learn to count.

As a (literally) award-winning mathlete and math geek myself, I still found new and wonderful ways to think mathematically from working through this program with my kids. I have been and will remain, a fervent “evangelist” for this program and its approach.

Your excellent customer service is just the icing on the cake! So thank you again, not just for this file, but thank you to Dr. Cotter and the whole team for providing this wonderful, wonderful curriculum in the first place.


I do want to tell you how much I have loved this curriculum for my son. He has intellectual disabilities (including some left-brain impairments) and apraxia of speech. When he was in public preschool, his teachers were so focused on getting him to count to 10 and after 2 years, he just still wasn’t getting it. When we decided to start homeschooling in Kindergarten, I realized quickly that due to his speech difficulties and the way his brain worked, a focus on counting just wasn’t working. I was thrilled to find RightStart (recommended to me in a group for homeschool parents of kids with apraxia). We have to move very slowly and are still working through Level A (and often repeat a single lesson for a week, especially at first). But he is now able to use to the abacus and other manipulatives to express numbers to 100! He still can’t verbally count to 10 correctly every time, but what a joy to find a curriculum where his visual strengths can help him and his verbal weaknesses and processing don’t hold him back. Thank you!!


I thought the original editions were fantastic, but the second editions that I have used are fine tuned and are on the genius level of teaching. Please, thank Dr. Cotter for her continued work in providing material that is creative and enjoyable to teach.

Angela Harper

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Thank you so much for your RightStart Math Curriculum. I have been using it for 3 years with my son and my daughter is beginning her second year. I love the strategies you use for teaching math and the lessons are fun to teach.
Jennifer Traugott