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RightStart is incredible! After ditching our other 3rd grade math program, which only produced tears and math anxiety in my daughter, a friend recommended your program. On the first day, my daughter exclaimed, “This is the best math ever!” Her smile said it all. She has asked to do math each day and loves the “Go to the Dump” game, even inviting her brother to join her. Thank you for creating a curriculum that not only teaches my daughter to comprehend math but also encourages her to love it.

M. Sears

I absolutely love RightStart and have helped several families start using it. I would just like to share that my kids used it through 5th grade and then entered public school. I’ve had two math teachers call and ask me what curriculum we used because they were so impressed with the way my kids could do math in their head.

These same teachers have given my name as recommendation to other homeschoolers because they wanted them to know about RightStart. It really is amazing!

Thanks for the help and have a great day!


I’d like to express my appreciation for your products. I’ve used them for a number of years with my children and found them to be helpful for a wide variety of learning styles and mathematical aptitudes. Level G was a particular favorite for my gifted eldest—he went through it at the age of 7, and for him it was the perfect balance of challenge and independent learning in manageable chunks.

a homeschooling mom

My son has just finished Level B of Right Start, and I am very grateful for this curriculum. At the age of 5, he has learned more math than I learned in my first several years of elementary school. Furthermore, he has a much clearer understanding of those materials than I had when I first learned them. Thank you!

Susan, Washington

I just wanted to share with you that we are absolutely in love with the Right Start Math program and I refer it to everyone I know. It seems to be a program that will help children with any kind of learning style. I am so thankful that you all were at the convention the year I was looking for a math program because I don’t know how else I would have found you!



I was amused to see my daughter’s answer to #9 on Lesson 136 (8_0_9_1; the object being to complete the equation with the correct symbols. Her answer was different from the two provided. She came up with 8=0+9-1, which is also technically correct. Just thought I’d share. The lesson is from Level B. My daughter is 6 and in the first grade. We’re loving this program! She understands the concepts so easily and it is very simple for me to use. Thank you!


I have been using Right Start Math games as part of a bi-weekly classical homeschool program that I teach. The games are an excellent avenue for students to increase their mental math speed in a competitive and fun environment. The classroom is filled with enthusiasm and energy as they compete in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division games. Even though most students had not played card games as part of their math program at home, they readily and quickly understood the rules, and several families have purchased the Right Start math games kit to complement their own math curricula. I highly recommend the Right Start Math games for any teacher who is looking to add dynamic, versatile, and engaging games to strengthen their students’ math skills.

Sincerely, Ruth G. Ontario, Canada

Rachel was awesome at the convention explaining how the curriculum works and even took time to talk to my son and helped us figure out what level he was at. He had been doing another curriculum all year and was not understanding it all. We were so frustrated when we were at the convention as we had worked all year on counting and understanding numbers and he could not count to 20. Now that we have started RSM my children (Ages 2, 4, and my 6 year old) all sit down and want to play math every day. My 2 year old walks around singing Yellow is the Sun and showing us her fingers. My fear now is not about my children learning math but rather that they will all be at the same level or very close through out their school years, ha ha! My son who hated to do math every day now begs to do it first. Thank you for this program. His grandparents who were on the fence about homeschooling could not believe how smart he is at math so that was super encouraging as he has struggled with it all year. Thanks again for this great program. I only wish we had started out with it at the first of the year.


Misti from Tennessee

My son had been struggling with math and they decided to try ANOTHER math curriculum – RightStart Math. A few weeks ago, we started doing a lesson in Level C that taught him how to use the drawing tools. Math is NOT his favorite subject, but he makes it through and is understanding now. After the lesson he ran downstairs and started using the drawing tools to make this picture of a replica of the Titanic. He worked on it EVERY day after school for a week. It was a huge breakthrough for our young boy to finally have found a gifted passion that he could pursue that wasn’t all about “labels”. Thanks to RS for making a difference in his life!!!

Ship using Drawing Tools

Using Drawing Tools

A story from my Classroom: I explained to my students how important and time-saving it can be to subitize instead of counting. We have been playing games and singing “Yellow is the Sun.” One day during class the week before the Christmas break, I posed a math question that required using addition or counting up as a method to complete a subtraction problem. One cute little first grader quickly without hesitation correctly answered the problem. When I asked how he got to his answer he replied, “I can subtilize.” I had to smile.
Thanks again, RightStart

Argenta LeBlanc - K-1 teacher in San Antonio, TX

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Thank you so much for your Right Start Math Curriculum. I have been using it for 3 years with my son and my daughter is beginning her second year. I love the strategies you use for teaching math and the lessons are fun to teach.
Jennider Traugott