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I have been working with an autistic student for MONTHS on addition with lots of abacus work. I encourage him, telling him that SOMEDAY all of this will make sense because he will have the abacus in his brain and he won’t even need to touch it anymore.

Weeell… this morning we were playing a game with his abacus close by. I soon noticed that he was giving me answers (sums) very quickly without the physical use of his abacus. I became so excited and started celebrating (in truth, screaming), telling him I was so proud of him for recognizing quantities (picturing his beads in his mind; 5 + 2 to be exact) so quickly. I asked him to tell me how he was doing this. He exclaimed “I finally have the abacus smashed up in my brain! See, look, this is how I did it!” He then proceeded to place the abacus on top of his head and push down!

Lisa Campbell, RightStart Math tutor

We’ve been playing more games [in math] and they are just crushing it. My kids just said to me, “Math is going so well this week!” Riley said, “My multiplication has gone from here (pointer low) to here (up high) with just a few games?”

Allison from WA

I’ve just begun using RightStart Math for my neurotypical year old and he’s doing great. What’s even more interesting is that my 9 year old autistic child loves it too!  It’s visual, tactile, and fun for him to play with all the things that came with the kit.  Great program.

Kari R., Co-op Member

Hello, I strongly feel the need to tell you how much I love this curriculum. We are almost through Level A. I wasn’t sure about it in the beginning. With the spiral style curriculum it felt like each lesson jumped quickly from one subject to another. I hate to say it, but it almost made each individual activity feel pointless. But we hung in there and are now seeing the results. My son is grasping the concepts covered so well, and he is so proud of what he’s learned. I think this is a direct result of how RightStart is designed to allow students to essentially discover the patterns and rules of math, rather than being told.
My son can take ownership in what he learns, because RightStart has provided the activities that allow him to discover math in a structured organized way. Every single day outside of our official math lesson time he’s bringing up math in one way or another. He quizzes his younger brother with addition problems or counting questions. He practices counting just for fun. He proudly, and completely randomly will tell me the answer to an addition problem he’s been pondering for a bit. I just can’t thank you enough for the care and thought that had been put into each lesson. I have always enjoyed math, but didn’t learn it this way. It is so fun to see my son learning math a better way, and being able to manipulate numbers differently than I ever did. I feel like I’m getting to re-learn math a bit too. Sorry to ramble, but I’m about to purchase Level B and I’m just so excited, and wanted to say thank you.

Amy from Florida

Thanks for teaching Bonnie for two years!  Bonnie passed the TSI (college entrance math and english) exam earlier this year and is now taking some dual credit classes at the Jr. College.  She is entering 9th grade.  I wish you could teach trig too!  We loved your online class and we miss your weekly instruction and enthusiasm!

Susie - Homeschool Mom

We initially were attracted to RightStart’s approach, but chose another option because of cost.  However, after 2-1/2 years in 2 different programs, we switched our son to RightStart level D and started our daughter in level A.  I can say that the upfront cost of the manipulative set is worth it.  My kids are developing a conceptual understanding of math, learning math facts, seeing visually how concepts work, discovering patterns in math for themselves, and having fun playing games.  It is very teacher involved until mid-late elementary, but worth the effort.  My son’s attitude toward math has improved greatly since starting RightStart, and my daughter is starting out enjoying math.  We plan to continue using RightStart through all levels.

Angie H., Co-op Member

We love RightStart Math! We transitioned from Singapore Math (which we also have loved), and it’s so great seeing that they both follow similar methodology. RS does a great job of mixing things up so that my kids stay engaged, and we really feel that they are getting a solid understanding of math.

Jess M, Co-op Member

We love RightStart Math! We cycled through 5 or 6 other math programs before finally giving it a try. I kept delaying it due to the price, but I ended up spending far more trying other programs before getting around to RightStart Math. My daughter has dysgraphia, and writing was hindering her math progress with other programs. Computer and iPad apps were missing the manipulatives that really help get the lesson across. My daughter loves all the games and hands on activities that accompany each lesson. She is quickly catching up to where she should be and I’m positive will blow past our goals! This program is worth every penny.

Karen, Co-op Member

My eight-year-old son has significant learning disabilities. We have been trying a more traditional math curriculum for the past three years, and it was ending in tears every day with no progress being made. RightStart Math was recommended on Homeschooling with Dyslexia’s Facebook page. When I saw it available through Homeschool Buyers Co-op at a discount, I decided to check it out. We started at level A as recommended. The difference this curriculum has made has been nothing short of miraculous! It is a very visual curriculum and review of concepts is accomplished through games, not worksheets. My son has started to grasp the concepts that we have been working on for years. We are now halfway through the first book, and I still am waiting for that roadblock day to come, but it hasn’t happened yet. He no longer dreads math, and I love seeing him be successful at it. This was the best curriculum we could’ve chosen for him.

This is my first year homeschooling and I have really appreciated RightStart math. I love that it is scripted and that it includes lots of games to replace some of the “drill” work. Both of my kids (5 and 8) really seem to like working with the abacus too. I plan to continue using this program next year and have recommended it to several friends.

KB, Co-op Member

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Thank you so much for your RightStart Math Curriculum. I have been using it for 3 years with my son and my daughter is beginning her second year. I love the strategies you use for teaching math and the lessons are fun to teach.
Jennifer Traugott