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This is a list of independent tutors that use the RightStart Math program with their students. These tutors are not employees and are not vetted by us. Rather, they have indicated use of the curriculum and we are making their information available to assist you. Tutors are listed from east to west geographically. Those who teach online are also identified.


Terri Walker – Monterey, VA
Degrees in nursing (RN) and Spanish and decades of home and private educating.

Jeanette Lawton – York, PA area
Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy and Home Educator.

Jeanette has taken multiple students through the RightStart Math Levels A through E. Currently available to tutor remedial math concepts or to pace/plan new math lessons going forward.

Rachel Ryan – Orlando, FL and online
Certified special education/elementary education/ earth science education and ESL. Experience teaching RightStart Math Level A to high school students who not been successful in math. Rachel offers RightStart Math in a small group setting or one-on-one tutoring.

Jenny Kalis – Westfield, IN
BS in Secondary Education, Home Educator, and School Teacher
Trained in Orton Gillingham through the Dyslexia Institute of Indiana and the M.A. Rooney Foundation.

Amy Porter – McKinney and North Dallas, Texas and online
808 443 3233
Certified Teacher with 25 years experience grades preK-8th,  former director of a Right Brain Math Learning Center, private educator of both public and homeschooled students.

Angela Harper – Arvada, CO and online
For over 20 years, Angela has taught RightStart curriculum both in-person and online to children of all ages. She specializes in helping children overcome learning challenges and equipping parents to support their child’s journey in mastering essential math skills.

Cherie – Colorado Springs, CO
Tutors Right Start Math, both homeschooled and public schooled students. Has worked with children with dyslexia in reading, writing and spelling.

Lisa Campbell – Phoenix, AZ and online
Certified Teacher, Level II NILD Educational Therapist, RightStart Math Enthusiast, proud, former homeschooling Mom of “graduated children”, private educator of both public and homeschooled students and available online!

Heather Mora – Mammoth Lakes and Paso Robles, CA and online
Certified teacher in chemistry and biology with elementary math education focus. Has taught RightStart Levels A through E. Also helps pace, plan, and schedule the school year.We know there are many of you that have so much to offer families looking for some assistance or guidance with the RightStart™ Mathematics curriculum. If you’d be interested in having your contact information published on our tutoring page, please email the contact details to

What our Customers Are Saying

Thank you so much for your RightStart Math Curriculum. I have been using it for 3 years with my son and my daughter is beginning her second year. I love the strategies you use for teaching math and the lessons are fun to teach.
Jennifer Traugott