Dixie Thompson, Hampden DuBose Academy, Zellwood, FL

We introduced Right Start Math into our school six years ago after all our teachers attended a workshop Dr. Cotter was doing in Orlando. In retrospect, we should probably have transitioned with only the primary grades and worked our way up, but we didn’t. We began with K5 through sixth grades. The parents of older children took awhile to come on board, if they did at all.

Presently, we are thriving in the program–K4 through sixth grade. Our teachers are comfortable with the materials. New students coming in even at fifth/sixth grade are acclimating. The fact that we have combined classrooms is a bonus for these new students.

It has been very helpful to have Kathleen Lawler, Dr. Cotter’s daughter, on campus several times. She has observed in the classrooms and interacted personally with our teachers. We still have much to learn.

Motivated by the reasoning skills and mathematical thinking we see in the students, the teachers look forward to gaining even more proficiency.

Dixie Thompson, Hampden DuBose Academy, Zellwood, FL