Louine EK, Kindergarten, Master’s Academy, Vero Beach, FL

I am a kindergarten teacher at Master’s Academy in Vero Beach, FL; this is my 2nd year of teaching RightStart™ math. I have enjoyed it much more than the traditional workbook curriculums I have taught in the past.

The students respond very well to the program, and look forward to using the AL Abacus and other manipulatives. They love to play all the card games. I set up the ground rules for using the abacus and other manipulatives on the first day they are introduced; I take it away the first time a student misuses it. I almost never have a repeat misuse because they want to use the tools so much.

I had a parent conference last night with a Mom who couldn’t say enough about the program. She wishes she had learned math the way we are teaching her daughter. They play games each night just before bedtime, and if she forgets her daughter is quick to remind her.

Louine EK, Kindergarten, Master's Academy, Vero Beach, FL