2018 Summer Game #4: Lowest in the Corners, by Teresa Foltin

The Foltin family played this next fun game, Lowest in the Corners, game P18 in the Math Card Games book, with four people ages 9-adult. It is particularly suited for those learning how to form numbers up to 99.At first, I thought it may be difficult … [Read more...]

The dog ate my homework!

Do you remember anyone ever saying: "The dog ate my homework" when you were growing up and an assignment was due? Well, we had that happen recently. One of our families came to us to get another copy of a worksheet they were working on because … [Read more...]

Top Questions for the Week

We want to remind parents that some lessons take one day ... others might take a few days ... still others could be taught together if the child already has those ideas cemented. Too many parents don't feel the freedom to spend extra time when needed … [Read more...]

RS1 Level D: Check Numbers & Subtraction

Level D: Check numbers and subtraction  We’ve had a few of you call us regarding Lesson 49 in Level D. This will help to clarify check numbers for those of you working with them for the first time. Just as you would check your answers in a … [Read more...]

Aspen and RightStart™ Mathematics Level A Lessons, Installment #4

Aspen has been doing great in her lessons, however is at times getting frustrated as she feels she is not learning fast enough. For example, when were were doing a lesson and using the AL Abacus to double check her addition, she thought she would be … [Read more...]

Aspen and RightStart™ Mathematics Level A Lessons, Installment #3: Teaching Now

As we’ve been going through the RightStart™ Mathematics Level A program, I’m absolutely amazed to see how quickly 5-year-old Aspen is picking it up. She is so excited about math and devours it each time we open up the kit. Currently the items … [Read more...]