Carson Jody’s Birthdate

This post is a personal post with a delightful math twist. I am Kathleen Cotter Lawler, Joan Cotter’s daughter.

Today, December 1, 2011, my daughter Megan gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy. Carson Jody was born at 12:44 this afternoon. This amazing event turned me into a grandma, my mom, Joan, into a great grandma, and her mother, Florence, (who is 97 years and 1 day old) into a great great grandma.

I was honored and blessed to be present at Carson’s birth. Yes, I cried. There just aren’t words for what I experienced today and I will never forget this day. Ever.

So, rather than gush on and on and on (which I’ll probably be doing for the next 50 years), let’s look at the math aspect of today.

Clue: I’ve already told you.


Check out Carson’s birthday.

December 1, 2011.

Also written as 12-1-11. Now take out the dashes.

12111        Not bad!

Now write the date as the Europeans do: date – month – year.

1 December 2011    or

1-12-11        or


Pretty cool, right?

OK. Maybe not totally fascinating, but I liked it and I love love LOVE my new grandson. Life is incredible.


P.S. We had a colt born a while back on May 6, 2007. That’d be 05-06-07. We named him Trigonometry and called him Trig for short. Carson’s lucky he didn’t get named Symmetry.


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