Dr. Cotter’s Game Picks

Do you wonder what game to play? Especially if you’re new to the Math Card Games book?? We got you covered!!

Here are Dr. Cotter’s picks for 12 weeks of games: pre-school, addition, multiplication, and fraction games. We’ve even broken down the games into different levels to make it easier for you to apply to your children’s skill level.


So, you have the list, now what? Find the topic that you want to cover, determine which path best fits the child’s skill level, then follow the games list. The game number will help you locate the game in the Math Card Games book.

If there’s a single asterisk after a game title, there is a blog with more instructions and pictures. Just search for the game number above, like A5 or F16, and you’ll get more detailed instructions and pictures for the game. If there’s a double asterisk, there is a blog that will link to a video to help you and your kids play the game.

As you can see, each week has one to three games to be played. These games can be played multiple times during the week, just like you’d play Monopoly or Yahtzee more than once. Each game will have it’s own variances, learning opportunities, and laughter!

These games are chosen to help children learn and practice their skills and facts. The games will build on each other. Feel free to go back and replay a favorite game or move at your own pace through the list. It’s important that a child understands math, is able to apply their skills to new situations like these games, and most of all, enjoys math!



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