Rachel on Second Edition (RS2)

It’s that time of year where we’re starting to look at the upcoming school years curricula. Gwen recently asked a question about RightStart Math’s Second Edition and I thought I’d share my answer with you all.

Between the first edition (RS1) and the second edition (RS2), there are more concepts taught in the RS2. Some are even taught earlier. For example, Order of Operations was very briefly covered in RS1 Level E and Level G. However, starting in RS2 Level C, Order of Operations is being covered. In addition, other concepts such as weights, multiplication and division of fractions and decimals, squares, square roots, and scientific notation are covered in RS2 while not covered very much or at all in the first edition.

Also, in the new upcoming Level F, more advanced concepts are covered: coordinate systems, time/distance/rate equations, and algebraic concepts. Level F will be available later around the end of August 2017.

I have taught both RS1, the first edition, with my older three children and am currently working through RS2, the second edition, with my youngest. From my personal experience, I can tell you that the RS2 is more thorough, provides more activities to help the child learn and understand math concepts, provides LOTS more games to help the child retain the information, teaches more math concepts, and the Lessons Manual is easier to follow.

While I don’t feel that my older children were shorted on their math education at all – they are doing quite well in advanced math – I am seeing that my daughter is learning even more than they did, and she is not naturally ‘math minded’.   😉

If you have the opportunity to switch from RS1 to RS2 for your younger children, I would HIGHLY recommend it.

There are a few more manipulatives required for the Second Edition. However, if you have worked through or are working through Level G, you should have just about all of the manipulatives. The Math Set provides all the materials required for RS2 Levels A through F. There are also Bridge Kits if you need to bridge from the first edition materials to the second edition materials.

One more quick note: to be sure your children are strong with their math facts, it is imperative that they play the math card games. The instruction manual and cards are included in the Math Set.

Many families have the misconception that the math card games are an ‘extra’. However, as I have discovered in my own family – by not playing the card games through seasons of our homeschooling – the children who are skipping the games do not learn and retain their math facts as well as they should. In addition, when we did not play the card games, their computations were slow and inaccurate. So my final word? Play the card games! These games teach, strengthen, and review the arithmetic skills. Most importantly, the games are an application for the math facts. And it’s fun!!

If you need any assistance in finding games that would be helpful for a problem spot, we are happy to assist you. Call us at 888-272-3291 or email us at info@RightStartMath.com. We also have numerous games suggested on our blog page that you might find helpful, interesting, and beneficial to your children.



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