Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting together the online class

Ben is having such bittersweet feelings about finishing this class. He’s been doing RightStart since he was in first grade, back in 2010 when we started homeschooling, so this really marks the end of an era for him (and for me, too!) This class has … [Read more...]

He went from running from math to asking to do math a couple times a day!

My son had been in the habit of refusing to do anything that even remotely resembled math. I spent a very long time searching for the right program to peak his interest. Right Start Math has been the key that opened the math door for him. He went … [Read more...]

I am so glad my friend recommended this program to me!

I am so glad my friend recommended this program to me. We've been homeschooling for five years now and although math hasn't necessarily been a difficulty for my children it was never enjoyable. One of my goals in home educating is to instill a love … [Read more...]

Let’s do the fancy math!!

I wanted to tell you what a blessing the math is. My son is actually looking forward to math and it is so enjoyable playing the games instead of endless drilling. Today, he said, "Let's do the fancy math!!" Not sure why he thinks it's fancy but the … [Read more...]

With this curriculum she has just soared!

This will be my 3rd year teach RSM. It has been a God send! My daughter struggled a lot with other curriculums. She struggles with her focus and she had an awful time trying to memorize math facts. I really wish I could have started her with RSM when … [Read more...]

Great Experience with RightStart Math

"Just wanted to share our great experience with Right Start Mathematics. I was first introduced to this program through a good friend and homeschooling mentor. I had already researched into other math programs like Saxxon Math and Math-U-See. I was … [Read more...]