RightStart has been a huge game-changer for us.

"My nine-year-old is finally grasping some of the basic math concepts that the public school failed her on over the past four years. She loves playing the RightStart games and now actually ENJOYS doing math... after years of tears and frustration, I … [Read more...]

I have been using the program for years.

"I have been using the program for years and I am on my 4th child learning math using RightStart. It’s an excellent program that has given my 2 older kids a great foundation to be very successful in math. They are now in junior high at a private … [Read more...]

It really does set kids up with a “RightStart” in math!

My son is almost 5 and was asking to start school. I pulled out some of my daughter's old kindergarten material (she's in 6th grade now and still enjoying RS) and he and I started very slowly working through RightStart. He loved it from the … [Read more...]

I love your company more because of Rachel doing her job well!

We do love your curriculum and have used it for 5 years with both of my children. Both with very different views on math. For one math comes easy and for the other math is a struggle. They both love math because of the RightStart curriculum. But … [Read more...]

Carry the 1 Concept

When my daughter wasn't getting the "carry the 1" concept I sought out another curriculum. RightStart Mathematics was perfect because it uses several physical elements within their program that help explain the various teachings and help the students … [Read more...]

Your excellent customer service is just the icing on the cake!

I've just realized as well that this course will be the end of our journey with Right Start. We picked it up over a decade ago with my son, who had finished "grade 6" math with other courses but retained next to nothing so we started from scratch … [Read more...]