We’ve been playing more math games

We’ve been playing more games [in math] and they are just crushing it. My kids just said to me, “Math is going so well this week!” Riley said, “My multiplication has gone from here (pointer low) to here (up high) with just a few games?” … [Read more...]

My 9 year old autistic child loves RightStart Math, too!

I've just begun using RightStart Math for my neurotypical year old and he's doing great. What's even more interesting is that my 9 year old autistic child loves it too!  It's visual, tactile, and fun for him to play with all the things that came with … [Read more...]

I love this curriculum!

Hello, I strongly feel the need to tell you how much I love this curriculum. We are almost through Level A. I wasn't sure about it in the beginning. With the spiral style curriculum it felt like each lesson jumped quickly from one subject to another. … [Read more...]

RightStart™ Math Level G Online Class

Thanks for teaching Bonnie for two years!  Bonnie passed the TSI (college entrance math and english) exam earlier this year and is now taking some dual credit classes at the Jr. College.  She is entering 9th grade.  I wish you could teach trig too! … [Read more...]

My son’s attitude toward math has improved greatly since starting RightStart

We initially were attracted to RightStart's approach, but chose another option because of cost.  However, after 2-1/2 years in 2 different programs, we switched our son to RightStart level D and started our daughter in level A.  I can say that the … [Read more...]

We love RightStart Math!

We love RightStart Math! We transitioned from Singapore Math (which we also have loved), and it's so great seeing that they both follow similar methodology. RS does a great job of mixing things up so that my kids stay engaged, and we really feel that … [Read more...]