My eight-year-old son has significant learning disabilities. We have been trying a more traditional math curriculum for the past three years, and it was ending in tears every day with no progress being made. RightStart Math was recommended on … [Read more...]

I have really appreciated RightStart Math

This is my first year homeschooling and I have really appreciated RightStart math. I love that it is scripted and that it includes lots of games to replace some of the "drill" work. Both of my kids (5 and 8) really seem to like working with the … [Read more...]

This curriculum is worth every penny and there is no turning back for us!

This is a solid curriculum that has helped close the gaps that my son has in the foundations of Math. This is well suited for children like our son who respond well to multi-sensory types of learning. While there are families who may feel that the … [Read more...]

This program is soooo hands on and visual it has been a joy to work with every day.

We have now been using RightStart Mathematics for over 1 month and we absolutely love it. I have two boys age 6 and 9. We purchased Level C since my 9 year old needed a stronger foundation and my 6 year old needed to be challenged. This program is … [Read more...]

No more fighting, no more struggling!

This program is awesome - the lessons are HANDS ON, SHORT, AND LAID OUT COMPLETELY. No more fighting, no more struggling with falling asleep and losing attention, no more late nights trying to develop hands on supplements for books/computers. It has … [Read more...]

My daughter is enjoying it

This is the first formal math curriculum we have tried and my daughter is enjoying it. … [Read more...]