RS1 Level D: Check Numbers & Subtraction

Level D: Check numbers and subtraction 

We’ve had a few of you call us regarding Lesson 49 in Level D. This will help to clarify check numbers for those of you working with them for the first time.

Just as you would check your answers in a subtraction problem by adding the answer (difference) to the the number subtracted (subtrahend), you can add the check numbers in the same order (difference plus subtrahend equals minuend).

For example:

                           83 (minuend)                     check number: (2)

                          -33 (subtrahend)                check number: (6)

                           50 (difference)                   check number: (5)

5+6=11 which is check number 2

If you want more information on check numbers, watch this webinar. Scroll to the bottom of the page and it’s right there for you to reference.



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    How does RightStart compare with engageny? I purchased a few hundred dollars of Rightstart materials last year to use with my first graders. This year our principal wants all to use the engageny program.

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