Top Questions for the Week

This is just a reminder to get out the Math Card Games book and play games A LOT. Many families tend to just think when they first start to use the games that they are just more “fun” than “learning”. In reality, the games are like a 100+ question worksheet in disguise. We want to remind everyone how important the games are to the program. Some lessons, of course, won’t have games specifically listed, but there are many games to choose from within the Math Card Games Book. Many parents don’t think of opening the Math Card Games Book and finding a game to play … but they are the strength and beauty of the program!!!

We have many parents calling in to question how to teach multiple children in a variety of levels. We have found success in having the older children help to teach the younger ones, as it reinforces their own skills, while helping out their younger siblings. The other thing that helps is to have them all play games together. Even the most simplistic game for the younger children will offer benefits for the older, more skilled children as it helps to firm up their own understanding and confidence.


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