Winter Games: Lowest in the Corners

The Lowest in the Corners game is a game of strategy. It is fun! This is game P18 from the Math Card Games book. You will need the Multiplication cards to play. Although not needed to play, the Multiplication card envelopes are helpful when storing and gathering the needed cards.

This game is similar to the traditional Kings in the Corner game. Although I’ve not experienced it myself, I’ve heard of games where one person wins on his first turn! Other games go until every card is picked up from the stock pile.

In the tutorial video, I play against my “invisible” friend Jonathan. I’m happy to report I won.  😎   You’ll notice that I think aloud so you can hear the thought process as the game progresses.

Also, I’m slightly embarrassed to tell you, there’s a blatant opportunity missed as the game progresses. See if you can find it. If you need a hint, think about what comes after 25 in the multiples of 5s….

Then, an error is made near the end of the game with the multiplies of threes. Apparently I need work with my multiplication facts! Ah, the joys of playing the game with all of you watching….

We hope you enjoy the video for the game. Now go play it with your kids and I’ll go work on my multiples of three. Then drop us a note below and let us know what you think.



  1. This has been my daughter’s favorite since she was 7. She is now 15 and learning function transformations. Our cards are rumpled and stained from syrup and tea. And still, she asks for this game!

  2. Jaime James says

    I’m trying to understand the rules of this game… I think there might be another mistake? but i’m not sure. Rule 4 says “The same number may not be used twice for the same set….” You used a 15 in the corner for 5, 10, 15… You also used a 15 for 15, 20, 25. I see where you missed an opportunity to move the piles over, but isn’t that also breaking rule 4? Am i understanding that rule correctly?

    • Kathleen Lawler says

      If I’m understanding your question, yes, that is an error. {sigh}

      At 12:03 in the video, my invisible friend Jonathan lays down a 15 on the 5s corner set being built. But, like you point out, Rule #4 says “The same number may not be used twice for the same set.” On the top, there is a 15, 20, and 25. This means Jonathan can’t lay down the 15 card like he does. He should have moved the 15, 20, and 25 to the corner…. Good catch!!

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