The Struggling Learner and Math Facts

We all have the best intentions to continue math fact practice over the summer, right? Somehow, though, time gets away. So, here we are, back at school, and guess what – MY KIDS HAVE FORGOTTEN EVERYTHING!!! Well, maybe not everything, but it might feel like it.

Don’t panic! Here are some ideas for you to help your child remember his math facts.

  • As always, play MATH CARD GAMES. Find a game or two that focus on the areas that your child needs help with. Then play those games for about 10-15 minutes a day and in no time, your child will remember those long, lost facts. Remember, there is a game log included in your Math Card Games manual. This will help you record what is being played and help you (and your child) stay on track.

long chain solitaire cover 2

  • Pull out the AL ABACUS for those ‘pesky’ math facts. Let your child create a visual picture of the math fact that he is really struggling with. For example, my son really struggled with 7 × 7. One day, I had him put that math fact on the abacus and asked him what he saw – to describe to it me.

AL Abacus 7x7

He said that the beads looked like a flag. Then I had him calculate the beads. 49. From that time on, whenever he came across the equation 7 × 7, I would hear him say, ‘The flag, 49’. Math fact conquered!

  • Don’t forget to use the MATH BALANCE. This is a fabulous way for your child to practice her math facts. My kids used it regularly to practice their multiples. Here is how it would work: If they were working on their 6’s, they would put one weight on the 6 and state the equation. Then they would put another weight on the 6 and state that equation. Be sure that you have your child say the math equations out loud. It really helps!


If you have other suggestions of how to help kids remember their math facts, feel free to post your suggestions here!


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