2020 Summer Game #10: Make 16 Cents

Are you all enjoying your summer? Are these weekly games helping the kids keep their skills sharp and brains working? We don’t want all last year’s information lost in the lazy days of summer. So grab the kids, grab neighbor kids, grab the cousins, and let’s play a game!

Everyone uses money, so let’s play another money game. Did you enjoy the Race to the Amount game?

If that was a bit advanced for your kids, Make Sixteen Cents, game M6, from Math Card Games by Dr. Joan A. Cotter, will help your kids practice their addition skills in a very practical and enticing situation.

Money Game

Our objective here is to find the correct coins to form 16 cents. Two to four people can play. Because we’re working up to sixteen cents, we will only need the pennies, nickels, and dime cards. The winner will be the person who collects the most cards. You could also say the winner is the one who collects the most rows. A row is completed when the cards make 16 cents.

Deal two cards to each player and the rest of the cards form the stock. After each turn, players pick up another card from the stock so that they always have two in hand.

The first player starts a row with any card. Remember to take another card!

The next player plays a card in the same row, aiming to make 16 cents.

The player laying the card that makes the row total 16 cents collects the row.


A row may never exceed 16 cents. If a player cannot play on an existing row, he starts a new row. The game is over when no more cards can be played.

When the kids get good at this game, change it up and have the total be 27 cents rather than 16 cents! This new game is Make Twenty-Seven Cents, game M7. Here, you’ll want to use the pennies, nickels, and dimes and four quarter cards.

Of course, you can use any amount you with, but game M8 is Make Fifty-One Cents and M9 is Make Seventy-Five Cents. Both of these versions use all the money cards. You might want to eliminate the pennies for the 75 cent version, but that’s up to you!

See you next week…..


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