Ellen on The Goal

When we decided to homeschool, the search for curriculum began. With a Masters in Christian Education, I was mindful of the philosophy and objectives behind the curriculums. When it came to math, I did some research and presented the options to my husband, a former chemical engineer. He scanned the information I presented and without hesitation selected RightStart Math.

“Why?” I asked. “It’s the most expensive of the three.” It wasn’t the answer I wanted.

“Our kids may not ever use math like I do, but they will understand it. This is the one,” he explained confidently.

With a modest income, three little boys, and pregnant with the fourth, I took the plunge and purchased the material. I never once regretted it.

In six years of homeschooling, it is the only curriculum I was able to use with all my children. The one with dysgraphia needed to write the mental problems longer than the oldest child, but eventually he didn’t. He now does multiple steps in his head.

The one with dyslexia still struggles in the third grade with subtraction, but he is confident he can solve problems and works through where things went wrong. It took him longer to work through the lessons, but he learned them. When he began public school, he found himself strong in math and his confidence grew. “Mom, math is so easy!” he announced often.

So why should you use RightStart Math? Well, what are your goals for your kids when it comes to math? With RightStart Math, the goals are to understand, apply, and enjoy math. For some of us as parent-teachers, that seems lofty, but it is possible for every child. Our kids can understand math, apply it, and enjoy it.

RightStart Math focuses on how we solve problems, not the answer. Kids can get the right answer and never understand why. I’ve seen it for years as a tutor. Kids know their multiplication facts at wicked fluency. It’s pretty impressive. Give them a problem to solve, a word problem, and things fall apart. Confidence wanes and they need guidance because they don’t understand math. Algebra and geometry require these skills. RightStart truly offers kids a “right start” in math because they have what they need through this program to continue in math with algebra and geometry.

With RightStart Math my four VERY different kids, understand math. They prove this when they apply it to real life. They multiply recipes in their head to serve 12 instead of 4. They relate historical events in time. Best of all, they use math principles to solve problems that are new to them. Because they can do those things, they enjoy math.

If you want your kids to understand, apply, and enjoy math, RightStart Math may be the program for you. Read the rest of this blog series for answers to frequently asked questions.

Ellen Martin, mother of five, lives is Wilmore, Kentucky with her husband Andrew. With a Masters of Arts in Christian Education and a Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary, author of new release, A Life Shared: Meaningful Conversations with Our Kids. Her days are filled with her workshop “THE TALK: Embrace the Sacred Gift,” writing, and life with family and friends. She can reached through her website alifesharedwithkids.com.


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