Winter Games: Short Multiplication Solitaire

Who’s ready for a new game?? Dr. Cotter’s been a busy lady and has a new game ready for you all!

This surprisingly fun game will have the players perfecting their multiplication facts while working on their strategy skills.

Here’s the video as well as the written instructions.

For those of you unfamiliar with Short Multiplication Chart, let me walk you through how to use it.

This first fact of 6 × 6 is as expected.

Now this next one of 4 × 8 is where the Short Multiplication chart differs. Once we get to the “end of the line” with 4 × 4…

…turn the corner and keep going four more spaces to find 4 × 8.

Here’s another example for you. See how we turned the corner to find the answer?

You could also have done 9 × 7 to get the same answer!

Enjoy this new way of looking at the multiplication chart as well as the new game!




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