2018 Summer Game #12: Next Number

The great thing about nephews is that they fill some of the room in your heart and in your schedule after your own boys are grown up and away from the nest. The great thing about math games is that they can be played absolutely anytime, anywhere!

Gideon and I had just taken part in a hike while on summer vacation in the mountains of Colorado. We were tired so the two of us headed to the van while the rest of the family hiked further. And wouldn’t you know it, a rainstorm came along just as we got settled in the vehicle. Fortunately for us, not only did we stay dry, but I just happened to have the Math Card Games book and card sets in my tote bag! We decided to play Next Number, game N20. The car seat made for a bumpy table, but we took it in stride and had so much fun!

As specified in the directions, I made sure we had four sets of basic number cards, numbers 1 to 10, for a total of 40 cards. We shuffled them together and prepared the stock. I handed Gideon three cards and kept three for me. He placed an 8-card down to get us started.

I had the choice to place the next number, 9, in the same row as his 8, or to start a new row. Because I didn’t have a 9-card, I started a new row with a 7. Gideon then played an 8 on my 7 as it was the next number up….

Play continued with my 2 placed in a new row. He followed with a 3. I played a 1, starting another new row.

I mustn’t forget to mention that after each play, it is important to draw another card from the stock so that each player always has three cards in hand. Here’s Gideon’s hand. Can you see what he can do with the cards played and the cards in his hand?

Yes! Gideon played his 4-card and collected his first set of cards after completing the row of 2, 3, and 4. Way to go, Gideon!

He continued collecting sets until his pile was waaay bigger than mine, as evidenced by the stack in his right hand!

Our fellow hikers weren’t back yet, so we played another round. This time, to add some spice, we played cards in reverse order. He managed that game well too!

I knew Next Number was a hit when my co-gamer asked if we could play again the next day. Thanks to RightStart Math, fun skills review can happen all year long and with anyone you love! And this aunt sure loves her little guy. Enjoy this game with your young ones!


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