2018 Summer Game #7: Card Exchange

If you have ever played the card game Pit, you will know the boisterous fun in store when playing this next game, Card Exchange, game P27 in the Math Card Games book. If you have not had the pleasure, just picture the comedic chaos of the Stock Exchange and you will have an idea of what’s to come.

This a fun party game, as 3 to 10 players can play. You need one set of multiplication cards for each player. For example, our group of four used the 2s, 3s, 5s and 7s. Shuffle the cards together and deal all the cards evenly to each player.

Each person takes a look at their cards and decides what set to collect based on which multiples they have the most of. It’s helpful to organize the cards you are willing to trade by multiples sets. You can exchange 1 to 4 cards from the same set. Here is Peter’s hand with the 5s highlighted.

When everyone is ready, the dealer says, “Exchange begins.” At that, we all begin shouting out the number of cards we want to trade. The number of cards is stated, not the multiple’s set number. When we find someone who is calling out the same quantity of cards, we exchange cards face down. Then quickly look at what you received, sort out the sets, and shout out the next quantity of cards you want to trade, trying to get all ten cards of your set.

Here, Ian and Peter are trading two cards each while Chiara is calling for one and I want to trade three.

As you can well imagine, the hilarity and chaos is at a maximum level because no one knows who’s collecting what! When two of you are trying to collect the same set, someone’s going to have to change their mind….

Sometimes, a mistake might be made and the cards offered for trade are not from the same set. If this happens, stop the game and sort it all out before continuing.

The first person to collect the entire set of one multiple and shout out, “Set of [insert number here]” wins that round. Here Chiara won five points for collecting the 5s.

After the next round, Ian won two points for collecting the 2s set. The first person to 25 points wins the game!

We are looking forward to playing this again when we get together with friends for an upcoming summer picnic. Enjoy the fun! And let us know how this game goes over with your family…..



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