2017 Summer Game #16: Addition Array

Wow! Is this summer flying! As I see my summer moving by quickly, I find myself scrambling to include more and more fun activities, experiences, and giggles into the remaining weeks of summer! That includes our math card game playing. This week, I … [Read more...]

Dr. Cotter on What 6 × 3 Means

Sometimes 6 × 3 is thought of as “6 groups of 3.” However, consistency with the other arithmetic operations requires a second look. When adding 6 + 3, we start with 6 and transform it by adding 3. When subtracting 6 – 3, we start with 6 and transform … [Read more...]

RS2 Level B, Multiplication as Arrays

Today we’re going to talk about why we teach multiplication to our younger children. Earlier this week I talked with Jenna from Portland. She was wondering why we’re teaching multiplication at this level. Very good question, Jenna! We introduce … [Read more...]