Winter Games: Multiplication Dump

It’s here! The new game that Lisa Campbell thought of and Dr. Cotter and I were working on a while back? It’s finally here!!

First of all, some of you are laughing at the name, Multiplication Dump. But if you know the dearly loved Go to the Dump game (similar to the children’s game Go Fish but pairs are two cards that equal ten), you’ll quickly see where this new game is got its name. By the way, do you know we have an app for Go to the Dump game?

This new game practices the multiplication facts and multiplication factors. It’s a fun game of strategy. Here’s the instructions for the new game, Multiplication Dump. And a video to help you see how to play the game!

We hope you enjoy this new game! Let us know your thoughts, ok?



  1. I am so excited to try this with the kids! I have wished there was a multiplication version for a long time (but it never occurred to me to ask for one!). This will make multiplication practice so much more enjoyable!

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