RS1 Level E, Lesson 59: Decimals

We ran across something quite interesting today. RightStart Mathematics Level E, Lesson 59 is a Review and Practice. As shown below, the child is asked to write the number "10 thousandths". The answer is 0.010, which can also be written as ... Read More

2015 Summer Game #1: Short Chain Solitaire

It’s summer! Time for family vacations, trips to the pool, and lazy days. Your kids have learned so much this last year, so let’s keep these skills fresh. We have just the summer plan for you. We’re going to present a math card game a week for you to ... Read More

Top Questions for the Week

We want to remind parents that some lessons take one day ... others might take a few days ... still others could be taught together if the child already has those ideas cemented. Too many parents don't feel the freedom to spend extra time when needed ... Read More

Top Questions for the Week

This is just a reminder to get out the Math Card Games book and play games A LOT. Many families tend to just think when they first start to use the games that they are just more “fun” than “learning”. In reality, the games are like a 100+ question ... Read More

Starting with RightStart™

I am looking forward to sharing monthly about our journey with RightStart™ Mathematics! RightStart™ has loaned me curriculum for my two youngest daughters in exchange for sharing our honest thoughts and opinions. I have always struggled with ... Read More

RS1 Level D: Check Numbers & Subtraction

Level D: Check numbers and subtraction  We’ve had a few of you call us regarding Lesson 49 in Level D. This will help to clarify check numbers for those of you working with them for the first time. Just as you would check your answers in a ... Read More